Friday, July 24, 2009

Petting Zoo fun

We went up to Orange County last week to pick up Ashlyn's friend and take her to our house for a sleepover. We stopped at this little petting zoo before going home and stayed for a couple of hours visiting the animals.

Ashlyn pretended to take care of all the bunnies
Gabriel loved the guinea pigs.
This is the first animal he's picked up that
didn't squirm and try to get away. I'm pretty
sure guinea pigs have very small brains.

Don't let them fool you. These goats appear to
be sweet and gentle, but they are ruthless!
Look how cautious Ashlyn is. This is of course, after
a couple of them jumped on her, trying to get at food.

We love DisneyLand!

Okay so these pics are actually from the middle of June... but I just found them! We met up with our friends, Jean Claude and Elena, for an evening of fun at DisneyLand and California Adventure. We had a great time with them. We let the kids choose every ride. :)

Just the girls.
On Triton's carousel.

Look at our pretty princess.
We waited SO LONG to go on Toy Story Mania.
It was worth it though!
Waiting in line...
Gabe would not pose with me. Little stinker.

What's a "Sprayground"?

Whenever I post on my FaceBook page that we are going or have just been to the sprayground, I get at least a couple of comments asking me what a sprayground is. Hopefully this helps explain it a little better. I should have taken a picture of the entire structure but I didn't even think of it at the time. Next time, I'll get the whole thing in the shot!

The sprayground is a play area based around waterworks. There are several different sprinkler set ups. Basically, it's just a big wet zone with a bunch of different ways to get soaked! The kids were hanging around this small sprayer, filling up their buckets and then throwing the full buckets of water onto each other. There are bigger sprayers that you can run through and stand under as well. This sprayground is in the East County at Santee Lakes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My computer got wiped and I lost all of my links to all of my friend's blogs. If I am a reader of your blog, please post a comment so I can link and save your blog.

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

While we girls stayed and played in San Diego, Brian and Gabe headed to Mt. Pleasant, Utah to spend the 4th of July with Grandma & Grandpa Healey and the rest of the Healey clan. They had a really good trip (I'm glad they had the time alone together) and had a lot of fun with the family.

Gabe getting candy at the parade
Right here! Throw me some candy!

I'm so glad he is big enough to fend for himself.
Brian tells me that Gabriel and his cousin, Kelsey were
inseparable the entire time. They are very close in age
and really enjoyed each other's company.

Brian decided to stop in Las Vegas on his way to Utah
for the night. He had booked a room online for the
Excalibur for just $40. When he got there, he asked
if they had any upgrades available and the desk clerk
put them in a SUITE in one of the towers!!
A living room, two bathrooms and this giant tub in the bedroom.
The tub was really deep, well above Gabe's head.
Gabe enjoyed his swim!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Girly Fun!

A very pregnant Jamie and her daughter, Ayda came all the way from Texas for a great visit!! For the whole weekend, it was just us 4 girls and we had such a great girly time together!! We all went to DisneyLand together the very first day and the girls had a BLAST! It was Ayda's first time so we got her a "1st Time" button and the girls also got "Honorary Citizen" buttons. I took them on the rough rides while Jamie (and baby Dylan!) waited for us then we all went on the best Disney has to offer together.

Ashlyn & Ayda at Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Ashlyn & I in the teacup

In our car at Autopia

BFFs waiting for Nemo's Submarine

Ashlyn & TinkerBell

The girls with Fawn

Waiting to meet Fairies