Monday, December 7, 2009

Per Tanyetta's Request...

Here is an update on my blog!!! It has been far too long (about 6 weeks!) and mostly I have Facebook to blame. It's just so easy to quickly post on there.

At the end of October our search for a new 4 legged friend finally came to an end when we found Jezebel (Brian's pick) at a local shelter. She's a (almost) 2-year-old German Shepherd/Sharpei mix and she is seriously the BEST dog for our family! She's great with the kids, loves to run with Brian and so well-behaved. We love her!

My mom, stepdad, and stepbrother came out to visit for Thanksgiving. We had a great time together and dinner turned out pretty much perfect!

We took the two dogs to the dog beach (they brought their lab, Lilly with them). The dogs had a blast! It was really fun to watch them frolic and play in the water.

We went to Ruby's Diner at the end of the Oceanside Pier one night for dinner. Seriously, good 50's style food!

Mom and I also got in plenty of girly fun together, which is my favorite part. We went and saw "New Moon" and had a great time shopping on Black Friday - in the evening of course!

We also finally conformed to our practical sides and traded in our Jeep Wrangler for a minivan. Yup, I said it. I never EVER thought I would but I now drive in a fashionable Town & Country. I actually do really love it. It's extremely convenient and very comfortable.