Saturday, June 27, 2009

New dining room!

Last weekend Brian and I ripped up the carpet in the dining room (yes, carpet. What were they thinking??) and we began putting in wood laminate flooring. When you put in new flooring, you also have to put in trim and baseboards. We definitely learned A LOT putting in the new floor so next time (planning on doing the living room too) it will go much smoother and a lot quicker! I learned how to use the nail gun, which I totally enjoyed. ;) I can't believe what a difference it makes. The new room looks SO MUCH better!

New floor!!

The dining room before we moved in.
Next up is to touch up the paint on the baseboards (over where the nails went in) and then paint the fireplace mantle. We'll move the dining furniture back in tomorrow!
Thank you Brian for putting in so many hours to make our home look and feel so nice and comfortable!! Even the kids love it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He didn't... he DID!!!

So I walk into the dining room and see a red marker lid on the floor. Hmm... that's strange. Gabe's never drawn on anything other than paper so I'm sure he hasn't done anything with it. I call him downstairs to see he's covered in red marker lines. I ask him if he's drawn on anything else and of course he says "No Mommy". Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and check for myself. Here's what I found:

My scrapbook room door
His bedroom door

And he also got the dining room wall and
a wall in the loft.
Here is Gabe cleaning all of the marker up.

He says he will never do it again. I sure hope not!

School's Out!!!

School is out for summer and Ashlyn is happy to be "free". Her last week at school was SO busy! Mostly fun stuff, and also a little musical production called "Bugz". She was the HoneyBee. The best part was when all the girls sang a song called "Be a Lady". It was funny to see her up there with all her sass. She was swinging her hips and being so girly, believe me when I say she really stood out!

We also had a closing ceremony for Girl Scouts (same day as the play) and Ashlyn got all of her try-it patches as well as her official Girl Scout pins. You can see how excited she was! She LOVES being a Girl Scout, I think we've finally found her niche.