Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Brian's sister Jenelle and her family came to stay with us for a weekend and we all had so much fun together. Somehow, I managed to NOT get any pictures of Jenelle and her husband, but I did get some of their baby girl Annabelle. Perhaps I was just distracted? Ashlyn just loves her baby cousin and was with her pretty much every minute.

Annabelle's first time at the beach!
Gabriel playing Rock Band... at about 1am!
Dan & Christine (Ashlyn is behind with the bunny ears)
Baby Annabelle.

The last stop on our trip was to my Dad's house in Hoytsville. We only got to spend one afternoon and night with him but Jennie made a yummy steak dinner for us and we got to see the new home that Dad & Jennie recently bought before they do their huge remodel. Dad also got Gabriel to ride on the 4wheeler with him, a feat we attempted and failed every day while we were in Mt. Pleasant. He was really afraid but then once Papa got him on it and going, he loved it and didn't want to stop!

This was a cool shot of Gabe throwing a ball into the toy chest.
Daddy & Gabe got to ride on the 4wheeler together.
Papa & Gabe enjoying the ride. Ashlyn's on the back.
Now you see her!
This was before they went for the ride. We talked him
into sitting on it first, then started it up, then revved it.

Catching up

I'm starting to get a handle on my blogging again, or at least making an effort! I found some more pics left on my camera from our Utah trip so I thought I'd throw them in.

Too tired to fight, or do they really like each other?
This is a great photo of our family. I only wish Gabe had smiled!
Me and the kids with my Grandma, their Great-Grandma. We love you!
I stopped for a pose with Don and my mom jumped in behind.
Great pic with my parents! I love you both!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Utah visit part 2

Ahh, so obviously I should have blogged this a couple weeks ago, but summer has kept me quite busy! So the second leg of our trip took us to the Salt Lake Valley. Brian and I stayed one night with our dear friends, the Loumis's while the kids stayed at my mom's. Grandma Shelly, Grandpa Don, and Great Grandma Virginia took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum in Provo (I'm not sure of the exact name). Brian and I were trying to think of something to do (sans children) when the door bell rang. Ryan and Danielle had dropped by while on their way to a western stampede in West Jordan. So we jumped in their car and went with them. Then we went out to dinner (mexican, yum!) and to see "Hancock".

Sunday we met up with my old (but very near and dear!) friends, Laura (with Kennedy) and Melanie (with Mars, Avery, and Gracyn) and had lunch. Afterward, we headed over to feed the ducks together. The kids enjoyed that a lot. We really miss living close to these families!!
After lunch and ducks, we went to the DeLuca's (great family friends!) so that Larry could show Gabriel & Ashlyn his cool trucks. Wow... that was probably the highlight of the entire trip for Gabe! He is SO into trucks and machines, I think he had more fun there than he ever has at DisneyLand!
After all that (like that wasn't a busy enough day!) we went back to mom's house and had a great family BBQ. Jared and Sondra (married a whole year now!) came over to grill with us and it was just really nice to hang out with my family. I really miss being able to do that so often.

Ashlyn & Gabe at the museum. My mom took this picture... I'm pretty sure they are NOT supposed to be on the exhibit.
Brian & Gabe feeding the ducks.
Brian and Ashlyn feeding the ducks.
Avery, Gracyn, Ashlyn, Kennedy
Gabe in one of DeLuca's machines.
Ashlyn got in it too!
Ashlyn really enjoyed "driving".
This was so much fun for Gabe!
Gabe in the CAT. Ryan is behind him.

Ashlyn learned to ride Zoey completely by herself (no one pulling her!)
Gabe's a cowboy!!
Uncle Jared and Gabriel.
Me and Danielle. I love you girl!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Utah visit part 1

We left on Wednesday night around 7 and drove a lot of the night. We ended up staying overnight in Mesquite because we were both too tired to continue any further. Gabe fell asleep in the car easily but it was too hard for Ashlyn to sleep in the car.
Thursday we jumped back into the car and made it to Mt. Pleasant in the afternoon.
We got to see ALL of Brian's family with the exception of Dan & Christine who went to MI for a family reunion. We had a great time staying up way to late playing word games and laughing about movie lines (most of which I didn't get).
As is the tradition, 6am brings air raid sirens and an old time cannon driven down Main St shooting cannonballs every 2 min. Then everyone gets up and has breakfast at the park. (The proceeds benefit a local hospital, I believe). Ashlyn and I stayed behind and slept in a bit longer. Once everyone returns, we go to Main Street for the parade. This year was really exciting because Brian's dad got to drive the Parade's Grand Marshall in an old fashioned car. The grandkids were excited to see him in the parade. They also brought home A LOT of candy!
We had a big BBQ that evening and then headed to the fields where the city has a BIG fireworks show. It was a great show, but Gabriel still managed to fall asleep. (It was 10:30, after all!)

These first few pics are actually after the parade, but I just haven't figured out all the mechanics of just yet!
Gabe reloading on water balloons
Bombs away!
Definitely a fun way to cool off on a hot afternoon!
Gabriel found a playmate in his cousin, Kelsey. They are just about 6 weeks apart in age.
Kelsey likes cars, so she is definitely in good with Gabe!
Grandpa driving the Grand Marshall in the parade.
Brian, Gabe, & Ashlyn trying to flag down some candy.
There were all sorts of service vehicles in the parade, which the kids really enjoyed.

It was great to see everyone in Mt. Pleasant. We can't wait to host each of you here soon!

Tagged... again!

Laura tagged me with a "5 Things" theme so here goes:

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Working at a mortgage company
2. Driving my Camaro (freedom days!)
3. Definitely sleeping in when I could!
4. Living in my dad's house in Wanship and taking care of his pigs.
5. Lots of partying.

5 Things on my "To Do" List:
1. Plan Ashlyn's birthday party.
2. Get Gabe potty-trained.
3. Finish my book club project.
4. Clean up the house (as always!)
5. Give myself a pedicure.

5 Places I've Lived:
1. Big Bear, CA
2. West Jordan, UT
3. Sugarhouse, UT
4. Wanship, UT
5. San Diego, CA

5 Bad Habits:
1. Not sticking to diets.
2. Playing on the computer when I should be doing other things.
3. Not completing scrapbook projects.
4. Driving too fast.
5. Spending too much money.

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:
1. Travel... everywhere!!
2. Pay off all of my debt and never have it again.
3. Pay off all of my family's debts.
4. Buy myself a Range Rover Sport.
5. Plastic Surgery.

5 Favorite Foods/Snacks:
1. Anything sweet.
2. REAL chocolate, not waxy Hershey's
3. Frozen yogurt
4. mexican food
5. chinese food

5 People I am Tagging:
1. Tiffany
2. Amber
3. Jamie
4. Sandy
5. Heather

So now you 5 have to do this on your blog!!! Have fun! ;)