Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So yes, it has been a while since I purposefully exercised. I used to be at the gym 4-5 days a week for 1.5 to 2 hours working out but since we moved so far away from ANY gym and I've been working on making this house a home, I haven't found the time or energy to go workout. I eat pretty well, healthy and all that and have lost a decent amount of weight thanks to just watching what I eat but it's really time to get my body back into some kind of shape! Brian and I bought a treadmill last month and I have finally found the motivation to get my butt on it! We have this "iFit" program where you can download different workouts to use to guide you to reach your goals. We downloaded some Jillian Michaels programs and wow, she is annoying! Cutting in every 30 to 60 seconds to push you more. I did just the weight loss program today and it had me sweating and sore in just 30 minutes! Here's to 800mg Ibuprofen and hopes for a strong back tomorrow!
What is your workout regimen?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wild Animal Park

I took Gabriel to a meetup playdate at the WAP on Monday and it was such a gorgeous day!! I took some great pics of him and we had fun with our friends.

Leaping on Lily Pads
Riding on the carousel.

Feeding the lorikeets. We didn't get pooped on!
(Believe me, that in itself is a huge victory!)

Gabe had two land on him for some
time and one was nibbling on his ear.

Gabe's portrait. I LOVE taking my own
pictures of the kids to send to our families
and then printing them at Costco.
I got all the pictures I needed for less than $5!

More snow!

Grandpa Don hooked a sled up to his 4-wheeler and pulled the kids around the horse property. They were out there for about 2 hours!!!

Lilly was trying to catch the sled. I promise she wasn't
trying to bite the kids!
Ashlyn's turn!

My brother Jared with his
monster-sized dog, Ash and Gabe.

Fun in Utah

The kids had such a great time in Utah in December playing in all the snow. These pics are were taken at my Dad's house the day after Christmas. He has 7 acres and a perfect hill right behind the house for sledding!

Buddy & Jezzy romping around together.
Jezzy loved playing in the snow but didn't like it
when she was put out by herself for potty time.

My Dad and me.



Preschool Christmas Program

You could say that I'm a bit behind, but I'll just tell you better late than never!
Check out Gabe in his preschool's Christmas program. They sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Dreidel Dreidel. I think there was one more song but can't find the video from the program. They look so cute with the red cheeks and noses!

Gabriel with Miss Nichelle. We miss her!