Friday, January 18, 2008


I am loving this series of books! I am not much of a reader but for some reason, I couldn't put Twilight down. I finished it in 4 days. I hurried to the library to see if I could find the second book, but no luck. It's on hold or checked out at every library in San Diego. I took Gabe to Target last night to pick up a few essentials and thought to check out their book section. They had it! I was so excited. I quickly grabbed it and threw it into the cart. I started reading it as soon as I put Gabe to bed and got through a little over 100 pages last night.
I'm so glad that Marilyn (SIL) sent me the first book for Christmas. She also informed me that there is a movie being made. I just hope they do the book justice.


mel said...

Aaahhh... so you've caught the disease. My sister got me to read them and I couldn't stop. I had to read all of them in a week! I am glad that you like the books, because some people I know out here hated it?!

Sandy said...

So who is the author? Just wondering, I was going to see if I can find it at the Lib.

I am going to finish up my book and then I will need something new. Thanks honey!
I saw your post, thanks for the birthday wishes. We did have a great day. And tonight we went to see 27 dresses! Loved it.

Laura said...

Oh no - another addict. I read all three in about a week. My family got totally ignored. Kennedy would get mad at me and say "No book" and push it away when I was trying to read. I haven't stayed up that late since.... college?

Word on the street is a 4th book is due in the fall, then the same story just from Edward's point of view. And yes a movie too! Go to to get all the gossip...