Monday, June 30, 2008


So we decided to make an attempt at opening day of the new ride at California Adventure, Toy Story Mania. It was a Tuesday and pretty early in the summer so we thought maybe we'd have a chance... NOPE!! It was SO crowded! We got there about 1pm and the line was over 2.5 hours wait and in full sun. Brian and Gabe decided to go on the big ferris wheel while Ashlyn and I went to the bathroom and got a stroller. An hour later, Brian and Gabe finally met up with us and we decided to try DisneyLand.
We had gotten Ashlyn to (finally) agree to go on Splash Mountain with mommy and Indiana Jones with daddy. This was a huge deal. She is so afraid of fast rides and has never been on either of these. So we headed over to Splash Mountain only to find a 2 hour line there. We tried to get fast passes but the return time was 10:30 pm!! Forget it! Meanwhile, Gabe had fallen asleep in his stroller and so we walked around the (air-conditioned) shops and then left when he finally woke up. Neither Ashlyn or I got on ANY rides! It was just too crazy busy!


Nicole said...

That is so funny that after all the times I`m sure you guys have been to Disneyland that Ashlynn doesn`t do the fast rides! I`m sorry you had a bad day in the Magical Kingdom, that is not supposed to be possible!