Friday, August 22, 2008

Slumber Party

Ashlyn with her Uncle Dan. Thanks for my princess presents!!!
Designing her pillowcase.
Gabe is trying to talk Christine into opening one of Ashlyn's new toys.
Per Ashlyn's request, I made a cake with
girls in sleeping bags. I'm no gourmet cake decorater,
but she loved it! Each of the girls were represented.

Well we celebrated Ashlyn's 7th birthday last weekend and it was a lot of fun! She insisted on having a Slumber Party but at her age, not a lot of kids are quite doing sleepovers yet. So we went with the theme of a Slumber Party without actually having everyone sleep over. Uncle Dan & Aunt Christine joined us for the festivities too!

We invited 3 girls and first went bowling. Then we headed home where Ashlyn opened her gifts and then decorated pillow cases with fabric markers and paints. Next up was a pizza dinner and of course cake and ice cream. The girls then polished each other nails (I love that they are old enough to do this on their own!) and then gave each other makeovers with Ashlyn's makeup kit. They all had a great time and one of Ashlyn's friends spent the night.


Angie said...

That was a great idea to get around the actual slumber party. I would have loved a party like that at 7. Cute cake!

Tink's Life said...

Loved that cake, you should really go into business! Well maybe not cause then i would come work for you and get even fatter, but hey yummy!

Laura said...

Such a cute party! Just be glad you didn't have all the girls stay - you would've been up all night! Remember some of our slumber parties????? :)