Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing at the Clubhouse

Last Saturday while Cassandra was here, it was so rainy and we really needed to get out and do something with the kids. We thought about Chuck E. Cheese for like 2 seconds and quickly decided no way on CEC. Then I remembered this kid's indoor play place in Escondido and sent a quick text to my friend who lived down that way. We found out that it closed for good at the end of December. Bummer. So we decided to make the drive and go to My Kid's Clubhouse, where Gabe & I frequent about once a month. They have an area for babies, a pretend play area and a giant indoor play structure. We spent a couple hours there (and another 20 min in the car waiting for AAA when I realized I left my headlights on and the battery was dead!) and then discovered a great thai restaurant for dinner. The kids had a great time and slept really well that night!

Alexis & Devin
Ashlyn & Gabe going down the fast slides.
Look close... they are actually holding hands!!!

My kids play so well together when we're away from home.
Gabe loaded up his groceries while Ashlyn ran the register.

Devin is at that cute age where he's just discovering
so many new things. He had a blast with this
play construction helmet.