Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where I've Been

In Utah!! We had a great time celebrating with my mom for her 50th birthday this past weekend. We were trying to surprise her with our visit, but it just didn't work out. JetBlue had us delayed for 2 1/2 hours. Gabe really enjoyed flying though. We got to fly with Jared, we saw Hotel for Dogs, ate lots of good food and visited with Danielle and Anthony.

Mom and I saw Revolutionary Road... the movie was done well but it was kind of depressing.

Gabe & Anthony playing together
This is Gabe in the back of the Cessna.
I promise he wasn't as scared as he looks in the pic!

Taken from my seat in the plane

Me and Jared... captain and well yeah

Pic taken from in the sky.

Mom & Gabe in front of the plane

Mom & Me

Mom & Jared

Getting Gabe ready to go down

Ashlyn loved going down on the saucer

Mom & Ashlyn going down together

Grandpa with Gabe

Me & Don

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Gabe just had to taste one of those delicious purple flowers!


Tanyetta said...

First things first...... Your mom is 50 and looks like she's 25. Please, check her medicine cabinets and send me the potion for her fountain of youth STAT! :)

I've never heard of Revolutionary Road. I'll take your word for it. I don't need to be depressed! HaHa.

I love love love the photos and it looks like your family had a blast.

I am all subbed to your blog through bloglines so I will NOT be missing anymore updates :)

buttafly said...

Haha, thank you. My mom is very lucky. My grandma is the same way. She's 81 but looks more like somewhere in her 60s. Let's just hope I am blessed with those genes!

We did have a great time. It only could have been better if Brian could have come.