Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Living Room Floors

Just about 2 weeks ago, while Brian's parents were visiting, we put new flooring in the living room. With the help of Brian's dad, brother Dan, and BIL Dan (yes, there are two) it was done in less than a day from start to finish! This is the same flooring we put in the dining room about 6 months ago. It feels so nice to cross another room off the "To Do" list!

This is the living room before we moved in.
It was actually designed as a formal living/dining room
but as we have no use for either, we decided to make it our
main living/family room. The chandelier in this pic
was replace with a ceiling fan/light.
Our living room now. I have two more pieces of furniture
coming. One is a console/sofa table that will go
under the window to the right and we'll use it as a sort of
charging station for phones, etc. The other is an
end table to go under the clock. Both are white.
One day, we'd like to add a piano.

Here's another view of the room.
The front door is there on the left.
The fixture on the couch is Ashlyn. ;)


Laura said...

Ooohhhh - looks so great! Love it! Nice work! Can't wait to come visit and see it in real life!

mel said...

That looks beautiful. I love wood floors. Are you coming out for Christmas break this year?

buttafly said...

Nope, we're not going to Utah for quite a while. We're saving up Brian's vacation time to go somewhere fun for our 10 year anniversary next year!!