Friday, January 29, 2010

The Evils of FaceBook

Okay I admit it. FaceBook has really taken over my internet use and I almost never blog anymore. I've been trying to do it at least once a month. Why does it take so dang long to load pics and then when I do, they come up in a strange order?? I really wish that would fix this or just make it more user-friendly so that I would not be so confused.
Anyway, I put up a few blogs to sort of catch up. I know I didn't blog about Christmas, it's just WAY too busy a time for me.

We celebrated with my Dad and his wife. They came out and were here for about a week before Christmas. Then Brian and I got a wild idea and we decided to act on it... his family (parents and 9 siblings, plus spouses and kids!) get together at Christmastime to celebrate as a family and do a gift exchange. We've missed it the past few years. This year it was scheduled for Dec 26. It was almost too perfect (wringing hands together sneakily). We talked my dad into celebrating Christmas one day early, contacted Santa to request he come on the eve of the 23rd and packed our bags! We left our house EARLY Christmas morning and drove all the way to Salt Lake. Then we just simply showed up at the family Christmas party with NO ONE expecting us there!! It was SO MUCH FUN! I love surprising people and this time it worked so perfectly, it was just meant to be.
I have to say we were so glad to be home a few days later. Utah is freaking COLD!!!

The boy who loves LegoLand

Seriously. He LOVES this place. He would rather be at LegoLand than DisneyLand. What have I done?? We went a couple weeks ago with our friends and he asks to go again on nearly a daily basis. Check out these pics of him. I can never get a normal smile out of him when he knows I am taking a picture. It's always a little head cocked to the side with squinted eyes and as wide a smile showing as many teeth as possible.

I asked him to try to keep his head up and his eyes open for
just one picture. Below is the result.

His very favorite: driving the Lego cars.
He could do this for hours and doesn't
even mind standing in line for it!

We so love DisneyLand. My birthday came and I could not imagine a better way to spend it than going to DisneyLand with my kids and our friends! I got a gift card from Disney in the amount of a one day admission which I easily spent on two new watches (one TinkerBell and one Mickey) and a new coffee travel mug! I also got each of the kids a little something. ;)

Miss my friend!

This is my friend Cassandra who moved FAR away and so I never get to see her anymore. She came into town in October and we met up for dinner one night. I miss her! I really wish all my friends would stop moving away!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Way past due

I know I am way past due for a blog but things have been so busy lately! I will blog again once I can access my pics... my laptop is not doing so hot and Brian's moved all of them to an external hard drive... I just don't know how to access it!
I will be back!