Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's been awhile...

Well just a couple of weeks really, but I'm afraid if I don't blog soon, I may lose the momentum!
We had a strange weekend... started off really nice with Ashlyn having both Friday and Monday off from school for the President's Days. So Friday the kids and I took off and went to DisneyLand. We had a lot of fun and totally wore ourselves out! We started at California Adventure with the Aladdin Musical. If you have never seen this show, I highly reccomend it - it's excellent! After the show we headed to DisneyLand and spent the rest of the day there running around going on our favorite rides. We stood in line for an hour to go on the Finding Nemo ride. I had gone on it with my friends in December but the kids hadn't seen it and I knew they would love it. It was well worth the wait; Gabriel and Ashlyn both say it's one of their favorites now. If you go, get a fastpass, an hour is a long time with a 2.5 year old!

We also got some interesting news on Friday; the owner of the house we are renting is putting it up for sale. :( Not so good for us. We don't feel quite ready to buy yet and the plan was for us to stay in this home until we were, so that really threw a wrench into our plans. But, we are in a contract until May so we've got a little time and we'll figure something out!

Saturday we (all) met our family friends for lunch, then I went shopping with a girlfriend.

Sunday I spent the day out, very nice. I went to coffee with my good friends and then went to a half day crop where I was able to get a few projects done and socialize. :)

Monday the kids and I went to Build-a-Bear with my friend and her son (Gabe's buddy) then had lunch at Nordstrom's.
All in all it was a pretty relaxing weekend at home. And now I'm off to do the after school pickup!


mel said...

So Mars is FINALLY coming around to the idea of going to Disneyland again. I am sloooowly talking him into it. But if we come I will make sure to let you know when! Sounds like a busy and fun weekend.

Angie said...

We went to Disney World in December and Nemo was one of Garrett's favorite rides also. I think we went on it 8 times! Thanks for the update. Your posts always make me miss San Diego. That was one thing I liked about Yuma, we were close to San Diego.

Laura said...

Good to read another post! I love hearing what you and the kids are up to! Your weekend sounds way too nice. I wish I could convince Adam to look for jobs out your way... :) :)

buttafly said...

I wish you all were here with me! I miss having my close friends around. I'll be wishing some sunshine your way!