Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Surprise Trip!

So last Thursday (January 31st), the kids and I packed up the car and headed to Utah to surprise my mom for her birthday on Feb 1st. We left San Diego at 4am and drove straight through to Mt. Pleasant to spend the night with Grandma & Grandpa Healey and to finally meet Jenelle's little baby Annabelle. Then Friday morning it was off to Salt Lake where Grandpa Don was expecting us, but Grandma Shelly and Great Grandma Virginia had no idea we were coming.

These pictures didn't quite come up in the order I thought they would, but I'll caption each the best I can with what was going on...

Grandpa Don, Grandma Shelly, Ashlyn, & Gabe worked together to build a snowman in the front yard Sunday morning after the snow was literally dumped the night before. Mommy stayed inside where it was nice and warm but took pictures from the window.
Grandma & Ashlyn pose with their new friend.
Snowman, Gabe, & Copper
Grandpa Don piled the snow in the backyard and made a sledding hill.
Ashlyn & Gabriel get a push from Grandpa.
This pic is of Ashlyn & Uncle Jared racing down the hill on Saturday.
Papa holds Gabe at the park. My little California boy was so cold and Papa tried to warm him up.
Grandpa Don making his famous pancakes Sunday morning.
The kids eating their bear pancakes. Thanks Grandpa!
My car on Sunday morning.

Grandma Virginia, Jared, & Sondra at dinner Friday night.
Gabe, Grandma, me, Grandpa at dinner.
Nana and Ashlyn ready to sled down the hill.
Uncle Jared took Gabe for a ride. Gabe wasn't impressed with the snow that day.
Uncle Jared and Ashlyn line up their sleds, ready to race.
So mom was very surprised to see us on Friday and excited to spend her birthday with her grandkids. I got away for an hour or so to see my friend Danielle and her brand new baby boy! So adorable! Jared & Sondra came over and we all went out to dinner together to celebrate.
Saturday the kids and I went to Jared & Sondra's place to go sledding with Papa & Nana. Jared came along too. Ashlyn had a great time in the snow! She didn't want to leave but Gabe wasn't feeling well and wanted to leave ASAP. After about an hour, we went back to Jared's to warm up with some hot cocoa. We all went to dinner that night, then the kids and I headed back to mom's house where I put the kids to bed and mom and I went out to see "27 Dresses".
On Sunday we woke up to snow... a lot of it! The kids were excited about it of course and wanted to build a snowman immediately. After Grandpa made his famous pancakes for breakfast, we bundled the kids up and out they went. They finished the snowman and then Grandpa made a nice big hill in the backyard and the kids spent a long time sledding. When they finally came inside, they were soaking wet. I stayed inside snapping pictures. That afternoon, Mars and Melanie came by with their girls and we had a great visit.
We had a really great trip! It was quick and we weren't able to see everyone that we wanted to, but we are hoping to lure some of you out here to the warm sunshine soon!


mel said...

Whew! That is a lot of things to squeeze in for a long weekend. I bet you were exhausted by the time you made it home. It was so good to see you! Your kids are so sweet. Ashlyn was great with the girls and Gabe was a real crack up!