Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gabe's Birthday Celebration

That's right! Gabriel is turning 3!!! We had a great party at our swimming pool today with some of Gabe's friends. (I didn't ask permission to post the other kids' pics so I just put up pics with my kids). We spent about 3 hours playing and splashing and the weather was just perfect for it!

Here's a good pic of Gabe between the hot tub and pool. He likes to go back and forth.
Here is a shot of Ashlyn playing with her fun noodle.
Blowing out birthday candles! Gabe's little friend's birthday is just a week before his so for the past two years, we have shared a party with him. It works out well because they have the same little friends!
These are the cupcakes that Amy and I made. We made the dolphins and starfish with some cute molds and white chocolate.
Gabe really really enjoyed the frosting!
We had such a great day and Gabriel got some really nice gifts. We gave him a new bike this morning, Papa and Nana gave him a scooter (he loves it!), Ashlyn gave him a neat Diego toy that he can use in the tub, and Grandpa & Grandma Pead gave him a "Cars" racing set. His friends gave him some great new toys to play with too! One thing is for sure, when that sugar high comes crashing down, this kid will be sleeping like a log!!

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!!!!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! He is so grown-up!

mel said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! I cannot believe he is 3 already. I am starting to dread my baby's birthday in September. I wish they could be little for a bit longer.

Nicole said...

Sorry this is a late comment but look how creative you are! I love the cupcakes and the all the blue mouths!