Friday, May 16, 2008

New post for May

I know I haven't posted much this month, so I thought I'd stop in while I have a little time and actually blog something!
We've been keeping pretty busy with our normal activities and with the weather warming up, we've been even busier with more playdates! And since Gabe got his bike and scooter for his birthday, we spend a lot of time outside!!
School is nearing an end. This week was Ashlyn's last official week of homework although she doesn't get out for the summer until June 16th. I enrolled Gabriel into a gymnastics class and he's been doing that for about 2 months now. He really enjoys it. He's really good at walking the balance beams without any help and of course he loves the climbing!
We are excited to make our way to Utah for the 4th of July this summer and spend the holiday with the Healeys. Ashlyn is excited because she gets to stay in Utah for 10 days after we go home and spend time with all of her grandparents!

Our good friends Danielle and Ryan are flying in tonight with their little baby boy and spending the weekend with us before meeting up with their family in Laguna Beach. Then we'll meet up with them again to go to DisneyLand next week! I just love it when friends and family come to visit us!!


Laura said...

Hey! I sure hope we get to see you when we're both in UTAH!!!!!

mel said...

Jen we want to come out to Disneyland in October. Is that a good time of year or should we just wait until next spring?

buttafly said...

Mel, I'd love to see you here in October!!! It's a great time to visit DisneyLand... the Haunted Mansion is transformed into "Nightmare Before Christmas" and it's still plenty warm, but not busy and hot like the summertime. As always, you are welcome to stay with us!! (Meaning, pretty pretty please come stay with us!)