Thursday, July 24, 2008

Utah visit part 2

Ahh, so obviously I should have blogged this a couple weeks ago, but summer has kept me quite busy! So the second leg of our trip took us to the Salt Lake Valley. Brian and I stayed one night with our dear friends, the Loumis's while the kids stayed at my mom's. Grandma Shelly, Grandpa Don, and Great Grandma Virginia took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum in Provo (I'm not sure of the exact name). Brian and I were trying to think of something to do (sans children) when the door bell rang. Ryan and Danielle had dropped by while on their way to a western stampede in West Jordan. So we jumped in their car and went with them. Then we went out to dinner (mexican, yum!) and to see "Hancock".

Sunday we met up with my old (but very near and dear!) friends, Laura (with Kennedy) and Melanie (with Mars, Avery, and Gracyn) and had lunch. Afterward, we headed over to feed the ducks together. The kids enjoyed that a lot. We really miss living close to these families!!
After lunch and ducks, we went to the DeLuca's (great family friends!) so that Larry could show Gabriel & Ashlyn his cool trucks. Wow... that was probably the highlight of the entire trip for Gabe! He is SO into trucks and machines, I think he had more fun there than he ever has at DisneyLand!
After all that (like that wasn't a busy enough day!) we went back to mom's house and had a great family BBQ. Jared and Sondra (married a whole year now!) came over to grill with us and it was just really nice to hang out with my family. I really miss being able to do that so often.

Ashlyn & Gabe at the museum. My mom took this picture... I'm pretty sure they are NOT supposed to be on the exhibit.
Brian & Gabe feeding the ducks.
Brian and Ashlyn feeding the ducks.
Avery, Gracyn, Ashlyn, Kennedy
Gabe in one of DeLuca's machines.
Ashlyn got in it too!
Ashlyn really enjoyed "driving".
This was so much fun for Gabe!
Gabe in the CAT. Ryan is behind him.

Ashlyn learned to ride Zoey completely by herself (no one pulling her!)
Gabe's a cowboy!!
Uncle Jared and Gabriel.
Me and Danielle. I love you girl!


Angie said...

I wish I could have been there for lunch with you guys! We need to plan that 30 year reunion Laura has been talking about!