Sunday, July 13, 2008

Utah visit part 1

We left on Wednesday night around 7 and drove a lot of the night. We ended up staying overnight in Mesquite because we were both too tired to continue any further. Gabe fell asleep in the car easily but it was too hard for Ashlyn to sleep in the car.
Thursday we jumped back into the car and made it to Mt. Pleasant in the afternoon.
We got to see ALL of Brian's family with the exception of Dan & Christine who went to MI for a family reunion. We had a great time staying up way to late playing word games and laughing about movie lines (most of which I didn't get).
As is the tradition, 6am brings air raid sirens and an old time cannon driven down Main St shooting cannonballs every 2 min. Then everyone gets up and has breakfast at the park. (The proceeds benefit a local hospital, I believe). Ashlyn and I stayed behind and slept in a bit longer. Once everyone returns, we go to Main Street for the parade. This year was really exciting because Brian's dad got to drive the Parade's Grand Marshall in an old fashioned car. The grandkids were excited to see him in the parade. They also brought home A LOT of candy!
We had a big BBQ that evening and then headed to the fields where the city has a BIG fireworks show. It was a great show, but Gabriel still managed to fall asleep. (It was 10:30, after all!)

These first few pics are actually after the parade, but I just haven't figured out all the mechanics of just yet!
Gabe reloading on water balloons
Bombs away!
Definitely a fun way to cool off on a hot afternoon!
Gabriel found a playmate in his cousin, Kelsey. They are just about 6 weeks apart in age.
Kelsey likes cars, so she is definitely in good with Gabe!
Grandpa driving the Grand Marshall in the parade.
Brian, Gabe, & Ashlyn trying to flag down some candy.
There were all sorts of service vehicles in the parade, which the kids really enjoyed.

It was great to see everyone in Mt. Pleasant. We can't wait to host each of you here soon!


Laura said...

Thanks Jen for fitting some time in to see us while you were in UT! I know how hard it is to find time and it means so much to me! Any plans to vacation in the midwest?? ha ha!