Saturday, April 11, 2009

Girl Scout "camp"

Ashlyn & I had SO MUCH FUN at the Girl Scouts campout. Okay it wasn't "real" camping but I didn't get to shower for 2 days! That has to count for something, right? Oh and I slept ON THE FLOOR too. Ashlyn had a blast! She LOVES being a Brownie. I think we may have found her niche. She was busy from sun up to sun down with activities and work. They had to prepare meals, wash dishes, really take care of themselves and the adults basically just supervised. They made tons of crafts and she really loved that. They made t-shirts, dolls, pony-bead animals, and more. We went on a nature hike where they really took the time to notice the birds and the plants. It was pretty cold all weekend and it rained quite a bit so we did most of our activities inside (fine by me, I was freezing!). But in the end, Ashlyn said how much she loves being a girl scout and she can't wait for the next campout.

Ashlyn making her yarn doll.
On the nature walk.

The girls looked for living things in the creek.

The first morning, the girls had to follow clues to find their
breakfast. This was called a "Monkey Breakfast".

All tucked in and ready to sleep.

We really had a great time and Ashlyn got to know more of the girls.


mindie said...

That looked like a lot of fun. I kinda want Evie to be a girl scout when she is older. Your daughter will look so cute in her girl scout outfit.

spead said...


Grandma is so proud of you! Looks
like you had a good time!

Love you!
Grandma Shelly

TheWallinFamily said...

That is so cute! I didn't even know they had Girl Scout camp. Let me know when she sells cookies. I can't resist them!

Tink's Life said...

IM glad she had so much fun! Maybe I need to get Ayda into this, she hasn't found something she likes yet. The only thing is she hates walking and all that, so IM not sure about the camp thing but would do her some good! Yay Ashlyn! IM glad you found something you love doing!

Tanyetta said...

So much fun! She looks like she has a blast!