Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing at DisneyLand

Well, we just had to go back. We love DisneyLand and now that Gabe is a bit taller, we can go on so many more rides together as a family. Last week we all got to go on Splash Mountain together for the first time and the kids and I went on Star Tours (which he and Ashlyn both love!). We also went on Soarin' Over California, which was a really cool ride.

Our whole family went to Disney & California Adventure together on Sunday but we only spent a few hours there... it was so HOT! We were lucky enough to catch the High School Musical performance and sat in the front row. Ashlyn has just recently gotten into HSM and when it came time for the performers to choose kids from the audience to dance with them, one of them invited Ashlyn. She was so excited! She had fun dancing in front of everyone.

We ended up going to the hotel and swimming for a few hours to cool off and Brian had to go home to be at work Monday morning. But the kids and I went back over to DisneyLand that evening when it finally cooled off. We watched the fireworks show and went on the newly remodeled Small World ride.

The next day we met up with friends of ours from Utah and spent the day with them at the parks. It was another hot one!!! Thanks Mars, Mel, Avery, and Gracyn for letting us follow you around the parks for the day.

The Pixar Play Parade was so cool.
The Cars were awesome!

This is Gabe as he watched Lightning McQueen coming
down the road. He was in total awe.

Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo

Gabe & Gracyn

A pic of the kids on the tram.

Brian & Ashlyn went on Indiana Jones together
but the ride broke down in the middle of it so they decided
to take some pics of themselves.
(The ride was fixed quickly and they got to go again)

This water sprayground is such a relief on
a hot day!

Ashlyn all cooled off!

Gabe on the take out food ride in Bug's Land.

Melanie, can you please come back??? Somehow I didn't get a pic of you and I together and I really wish I had!!


Laura said...

So jealous! My turn is next!!!! Miss you Jen!

Angie said...

How fun! Miss you girls!

Tink's Life said...

YAY! I love Disneyland, can't wait to go with you and Ashy in July! See you soon! Luv ya!

TheWallinFamily said...

How fun! I can't wait until Avery's a little older so we can go again!