Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 Years Old!

Gabe has turned 4! It's true, they grow up fast. He is quickly becoming his own little person with his own opinions and thoughts. His interests are XBOX (I am not a fan of this), anything that has to do with cars or trains, Legos, and his bike.

We celebrated his birthday with a combined party for him and his buddy (they are a week apart and have the same friends) last weekend. We had a luau! The kids all had lots of fun.

Then on his actual birthday, he and I went up to DisneyLand and met up with my cousin Katie and her two little ones. We got there right when they opened at 10am and we actually got on 8 rides before leaving at 1:30. Not bad! Gabe got a "Happy Birthday" button and a birthday phone call from Goofy.

It's hard to think that he will be 5 years old in just a year and headed to Kindergarten. I'll definitely be cherishing this next year as it will be the last for us to spend all day together.


TheWallinFamily said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! He sure is a handsome boy! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun celebrating this year.

Rebecca said...

He is SO handsome. Isn't it crazy they will be in kindergarden next year?? What a great mom you are!

mindie said...

I can't believe that your youngest is four. Evie turns one this week and I am freaking out. It is so crazy how fast time goes by. It looks like your Disney trip was fun.

J.E. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABE! I love the last picture of him.

Tink's Life said...

OMG he is so cute!! I miss his cheeks! IM glad I at least get to see him a little when I come visit before him and Brian leave. I can't believe he is already 4! You will miss the at home stuff but its fun to watch them grow.

Laura said...

happy birthday Gabe! He is growing up way too fast!!! He is so darn handsome!