Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DisneyLand... again

Yes, we just love DisneyLand! Our passes are going to expire in December so we're trying to get more trips in while we've got them! Ashlyn had Monday and today off school for Veteran's Day so we went up yesterday morning and spent the day running around the parks. They were crowded, which surprised me a little. Usually when it starts to cool off, people don't go as much. We started at California Adventure and saw the Playhouse Disney show. We saw Mickey and his friends, Handy Manny, Little Einstein's and Tigger & Pooh and friends. Gabe really enjoyed it. We got in line for the Toy Story Mania ride (an hour line) but after only about 20 min, we found out the ride's power went out and it would be a few hours before they got it back up and running. Too bad, hope we get to see it soon! We hit up the Monsters, Inc ride and saw the Muppet 3D show before heading to DisneyLand.

Ashlyn & Gabe in front of a Christmas tree
in Toon Town
We waited in line and saw Mickey!
He signed our book and we got a pic.
Gabe wouldn't smile. :(
Ashlyn enjoyed it though and Mickey
kissed her on the hand before we left.

The kids in front of the Haunted Mansion.
This was a long line!

Between Halloween & Christmas the
Haunted Mansion is completely
redecorated inside and out with
Nightmare Before Christmas.
If you've never seen it, you really should!

Jack Skellington, as Sandy Claws

It was fun to spend the day with the kids but by the time we left (11pm), I was completely exhausted! Gabe was out and I had to carry him a lot of the way. Ashlyn was just about ready to drop! Both the kids were troopers throughout the day and we got to ride a lot of rides!


Sandy said...

Looks Like lots of fun!!! My girls want to go to Disneyland so bad! Maybe this summer we can make it out there :)
I can't beleive how big the kids are!

Tink's Life said...

I love Ashy's long hair, so pretty. Gabe is huge! I wish we could bring the girls out and go, we might save up for next year and come visit ya'll. Muah!

Tink's Life said...

Oh btw, did my BLOG finaly, go check it out!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so cute! I want to go to Disneyland again soon. I bet it's really cool around the holidays. I bet the kids had a great time. I miss you, hope to see you soon. Lis

Angie said...

Another reason I want to live in CA!