Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm so proud!

Of my little brother Jared! He has his private pilot's license and he can fly!! He and a friend of his rented a Cessna 182 and flew it down to our little airport here in Fallbrook. They are busy logging more hours and Jared is working on getting his Instrument certification (?). Apparently Fallbrook's airport has a very short landing strip (2000 feet) and Jared was a little nervous, but he landed it! He spent the night with us last night and then I took him to the French Valley Airport (only about 17 miles away) so that he could meet up with his friend and head home today. That airport's strip is 6000 feet long so I think he'll be flying into there next time! ;) We didn't have time to go up for a ride, but definitely will next time. The kids had fun checking out the cockpit though!

Ashlyn, Gabe, & Brian playing in the cockpit.
Jared in front of the plane.

Gabe & Jared pose for a pic in front of the plane.
Gabriel is very excited to have a pilot Uncle!
We're very proud of you Jared! Thanks for flying out to visit us and please come back again soon!


TheWallinFamily said...

That's really cool! It's funny to see a picture of Jared and hear he can fly. I still picture him as a little kid. :)