Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was so great! We found out that we live in the BEST neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating!! I had bought 10 bags of candy and it was gone so fast. We were waiting for our sister-in-law and her friend to arrive to go TOTing and while we were waiting, Gabe's friend and his mom came over to go out with us too. Then Ashlyn's friend showed up with her family and they invited her to go along with them. So I actually didn't get a picture of the two kids together! But it all worked out and here are a couple pics of the kids in their costumes. (Please pay no attention to my messy house and the cardboard boxes!)

Here's Gabe... err, uh I mean Indiana Jones
Corpse Brides do not smile!
I just have to add that seriously, I could not believe all the cars in our neighborhood last night! They were pouring in... I think A LOT of people come to our neighborhood for Halloween. Our neighbors across the street also had an awesome Haunted House maze in their garage. It was so cool... Gabe went in 4 times!


TheWallinFamily said...

Sounds like a great Halloween and a great neighborhood to live in. Glad you guys had fun. The kids look super cool in their costumes! :)

Angie said...

That's great that your neighborhood was so fun, ours was a little disappointing. Cute costumes!

Laura said...

So great that Ashlyn went as something scary! My favorite costume as a kid was a dead bride! Love it! And Indy is just way too handsome! Harrison Ford has some serious competition! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Ashlyn was a corpse bride? Wow how did I miss that? Sounds like Halloween was so much fun. Hope I see you soon. L