Sunday, March 16, 2008

Altered Book

So I started this altered book months ago and it has been sitting around half-finished forever but it is really fun to work on and I plan to pick back up and get going on it again soon. It's a "girly" book, meaning only girl pics allowed. I have yet to finish the book cover but when I do, it's going to look like a little diary. :)

This first one, I didn't turn right side up (oops).


Sandy said...

so very pretty! you did a great job!

Laura said...

You are so creative! you need to tell me more about what an Altered book is!

buttafly said...

Well Laura, an altered book is when you take an old hardcover book and use the pages inside to make your own book. So I ripped pages, folded pages and glued pages. I used an old Danielle Steel novel.(This can be somewhat difficult for those who truly love books... and librarians). Then you just embellish the crap out of them!! It was a project I did with my book club (scrapbook club) and I loved it! It was definitely out of my realm but it got me to try some new things and I really did enjoy it.