Saturday, March 22, 2008

Balboa Park

We spent the day at Balboa Park on Wednesday after the dentist. Ashlyn has been on Spring Break and was excited to get out and play. We started at the carousel then once our good friends arrived, we headed over to the little outdoor snack bar for lunch and then to the model train museum. Gabe has been before (see previous post) but Ashlyn had never seen it. She wasn't nearly as into it as Gabe, but she did seem to enjoy watching the trains and talking with him about them. After the train museum we walked through the botanical gardens and spent some time looking at the koi fish in the pond outside. Those things are ruthless when it comes to feeding time! On our way out of Balboa Park (4 hours later) we stopped at a couple of fountains to splash each other and then rode the little train around before finally getting to our car and heading home. Gabe slept for 2.5 hours that afternoon!!

These were some big fishies.

Some flowers in the botanical gardens. I loved the way this pic turned out.
Ashlyn and Gabe plaing in the fountain.


mel said...

Your sunshine looks so amazing. I am JEALOUS!!!! We still have a smattering of snow here in Logan and now we are approaching our raining season. I need some SUN!