Saturday, March 15, 2008


Okay, I realize that I have been really slacking in the blog department, which is exactly what I was afraid of when I started my blog. I just literally am never home. Seriously, it is 11pm and I just got home maybe an hour ago.
The weather has been beautiful and we have been getting the most out of it! Last week we spent a day at the zoo, a day at the pool, going on a bunch of walks and parks.
I also found out on Monday night that Ashlyn's Spring Party was happening on Thursday and I had signed up to help out (in September!) so I had to throw together an activity for it! It all worked out and ended up being a really fun party, even with the short notice we (the other mom and I) had gotten.
Last Saturday I went to a friend's and scrapbooked all day and I did the same today. (Thanks to my understanding and supportive husband!) I WILL post some pictures of what I have done recently as soon as I locate the camera. ;) We had to put a lot of things away (hidden) since our house is on the market and is being shown. It's not getting a lot of action though so we aren't feeling really any pressure to move, although we have started the process of house hunting. We've got our approval, so now it's just a matter of finding the perfect home that actually fits into our budget... not so easy in So Cal.
Back to the scrapbooking... Ashlyn took her first scrapping class two weeks ago at one of my favorited stores (and now hers), the Pink Pineapple. She did an amazing job (I will post pics) and she even altered the project a little, which I am very proud of because she is not afraid to show her own artistic abilities and she is really good!
So, as you can see I have been very busy... and I didn't even mention the Bunco, MNOs, book club meetings and other "little" things that have been holding me up!
Next week looks like a busy one as well, and I will post pics and blog then too, as Ashlyn will be on Spring Break! So far we have planned a trip to LegoLand, dentist appointments (Gabe's first!), and a trip to the fire station. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


Laura said...

I think you and I need to plan a "slow down" vacation together, or take a self-help class! You sound busier than me! Hope to see you this summer. Beautiful scrapbooks too!

buttafly said...

It would be nice to catch up on my sleep. That seems to be what ends up suffering the most! I hope I get to see you too!!

mel said...

Wow, you are so busy! I am busy, but for me it is my house that suffers. I can't go without sleep because I get TOO crusty!