Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fire Station!!

Gabe and I got to visit the Pacific Beach Fire Station last Tuesday and it was awesome!! We got a tour of the entire station, including where the firemen hang out, make their meals, and sleep. Then came the fun part... the trucks and engines!!! Gabe was in heaven. He got to touch the trucks and climb inside. He even got to sit in the driver's seat!

Fireman Mike dressed in his full firefighter gear. He showed the kids what a firefighter will look like if he comes in to help them and told them not to be afraid of him.
Gabe driving the truck. It was hard to get him out of it.
They even closed the door so he felt like he was really in charge.
Gabe's fireman helmet!
If you have never toured your local fire station, I highly reccomend it. The firemen love being visited by the kids and of course the kids have a great time too!


mel said...

How cute! He looks like he is having a blast. We did that same thing earler this year with Ave's preschool. It is definitely a hit with the kids.